What is Daniel B. Reese Doing in Egypt?

Daniel Reese is living in Cairo, Egypt. Formerly an Assistant Editor at Business Today Egypt and Egypt Today, he is now an Editor at a tech magazine called ICT Business. Check his blog for up-to-the-second broadcasts of high octane information about his career: Fear of a Black Booger Blog.

Dan Reese


Why is Dan in Egypt?
I don't know. I guess he wants to be? Seriously, I don't know.
Aren't we at war with Egypt?
Isn't it particularly unsafe in Egypt because of some current event that I expect your brother to know about but he just stares at me blankly and whines when I bring it up?
If you have a specific reason for thinking Dale is in danger, please ask him about it.
What's the closest he's come to dying?
I asked him. His answer:
The Closest I've Come to Dying, by Dan Reese, 28 December 2006

Crossing the street. I come pretty close to a full-on death or maiming walking around about every 3 months.

Second up: riding in car. You know how people drive here. It's worse if the driver is someone you know — they start playing around and shit. My friend Marwa once decided it'd be fun to pretend her brakes didn't work. Ha.


When's he coming back?
In roughly July he will abandon his foolish dreams forever and return to this safe country ruled by wise white men where nothing dangerous ever happens.
So what's he up to?
Here's a story he gave me to answer just that question:
Anecdote by Dan Reese, 19 August 2006
So the handle came off the faucet in the kitchen, sending a nice jet of water horizontally out of the wall (onto the propane tank). I could turn off the water pump (I have to throw a switch to turn on the pump if I want running water), but then I couldn't take a shower (necessary about 3 times a day when it's a zillion degrees celcius), or flush the toilet (by "flush" I mean fill a bucket with water and pour it into the tank). Also, everyone in my building shares a water pump, so if someone else turns theirs on then it pumps through my pipes, too. I had to find and turn off the main valve to my apartment if I wanted to leave the house. So I filled the bucket from the stream in the kitchen and went a couple days without a shower before the landlady got around to sending up the plumber. She still hasn't installed a water heater.
Ha ha! That's great! He's so much more interesting than you are! You're a lame older brother! What else is he up to?
I suggest you read his blog and nag him to post more of these hilarious exploits that are so much more interesting than mine.
Do you have a link to that snotty card you've been handing out when well-meaning people ask about him in the spirit of friendship?
It is here.
How can I ask him stupid questions myself instead of bothering his brother?
Post a comment on his blog or email him.

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