Quick Life Statement

Since the last installment, I:

  1. Left Oracle
  2. Started at a startup called PageBites
  3. Didn't get accepted to any creative writing grad programs
  4. Moved to a house in the Haight (and my brother moved back to Egypt)
  5. Quit/volunteered to be laid off from the startup
  6. Spent two months living off my severance checks and doing nothing constructive
  7. Got hired by Google
  8. Got paid by the landlord to move out of the house in the Haight on account of something called the Ellis Act
  9. Got an apartment alone in the Mission
  10. Started working at Google

So now I work at Google and they feed me free lunch and dinner and provide a bus that drives me from the city to the Silicon Valley hinterlands and back again. My goal is to some day have enough money that I can relive that two months of doing nothing constructive forever. Everybody says they'd go crazy without a job, but I think they're just scared of how awesome that crazy would be.