About the Author

[Ming/jtr] John Truscott Reese, pictured here with hair styled after that of Ming the Merciless, a comic book villain from a series known as Flash Gordon, was born in the year 1975. Based on the last names of the parties involved (see genealogy, below), which include the Scottish, English, and Welsh, he seems to be derived from generic white bread stock. A non-practicing heterosexual, he was a freelance programmer and sysadmin, making plenty of money when work was available, from the point when he stormed out of the iSpheres corporation on April 13, 2001 (Good Friday and Friday the 13th, in an ambiguous omen) until January of the year 2003, when he accepted a full-time position at the Oracle Corporation, which he left some time in 2005 for a startup called PageBites, which he left some time in 2006 for a startup called Google.

His hobbies include drinking beer, eating, speeding, arguing, and quitting jobs.

Genealogy of relevant parties

Big Daddy Berry, deceased, begat Iduma (married name Miller), deceased, Adeline (married name Turner), likewise deceased, Maxine (married name Reese), Nan (married name Dowdy), and Sue (married name Dye), deceased. George Frederick Reese by Maxine Berry begat George, deceased, John Edgar, and Nancy (married name Barrett). Gene Truscott, deceased, by Mary Katherine McGovern, in 1997 deceased, begat James and Katherine, deceased. John Edgar Reese by Katherine Truscott, in 1990 deceased, begat John Truscott [the author], Sarah, in 1977 deceased, and Daniel.